Knowledge Environments

PTID is at the forefront of education design. We are experts in designing built environments for the complex ecosystem that is the contemporary education institution. We understand the nuance of these hybrid environments where technology, socialisation, focus study, collaboration, research and innovation collide. We work with you to create built environments where knowledge, ideas and people can thrive. Agile, flexible spaces that enable knowledge creation, acquisition and sharing; that respond and adapt to the aspirations of students, academics and professional staff.
Designing for the pedagogy of the future
We have a research-based, analytical design process that partners us with
leading thinkers and strategists allowing us to gather and share information informing our design methodologies. Responding to the needs of your institution and the latest research, we create built environments that foster exceptional learning experiences.
Spaces that are democratic and multi-modal; that support mentoring, peer-to-peer and collaborative learning; that move beyond the traditional to deliver a variety of education typologies including flipped and open classrooms, group project simulations and action learning and bring education into a broader context to create a sense of place and connection for students and teachers.
Designing the student experience
In a highly competitive local and global market, institutions must create immersive experiences for students, ones that empower them as agents of their own education.
Factors such as campus life, mentoring, e-portal and peer-to-peer collaboration are key factors in selecting a university. We work with you to ensure that students can learn everywhere and engage in a fully immersive education experience.
Designing spaces for discovery
We create state-of-the-art built environments to attract and retain the best research talent. Spaces that allow for collaboration, information sharing and discovery.