ING Flagship Sydney

PTID recently completed ING’s Flagship store in Sydney. The concept for the Sydney Flagship was to depart from the conventions of a traditional bank and support the company’s vision for “human banking”. The brief was to design a space that offers the ultimate digital customer experience in a warm and welcoming environment that doesn’t look and feel like a bank. We looked to the ING House Netherlands to inform our design choices and to create an authentic and compelling experience for the ING customer.

The use of raw materials and earthy, subdued palettes throughout the design create a sense of home in the space and are punctuated by the use of lighting and digital media to connect the digital experience with the human element. A restrained interpretation of the ING brand colours allowed us to both represent the brand and satisfy their desire to evolve their customer experience.
Welcoming the customer into the space is a comfortable, hospitality area offering informal, domestic-scaled furnishings providing a casual meeting space. As you move through the fitout, there are several options for self-serve banking as well as private meeting rooms for staff guided transactions.