AIA Tours Cotton On

Last Thursday we braved a 35 degree morning to tag along with the Victorian Chapter of the AIA as they toured our expansive Cotton On Campus in North Geelong. Part of the AIA’s Perimeter Networking Series, the Cotton On Campus Tour focused on our building repurposing and it’s consequential urban renewal, and understanding how this has contributed to The Cotton On Group giving back to the Geelong community by cementing their global operations in a region that has experienced a dramatic decline in local manufacturing in recent years. Many thanks to the AIA, as well as Colorbond for sponsoring Perimeter, and many, many thanks to Robert Long of Cotton On for being courageous enough to lead us through the heat and share Cotton On’s inspiring journey to become Australia’s largest global retailer. To see more of our work with The Cotton On Group, click here, here, and here.

Jade Nettleton