PTID @ Exchange 2016

Learning Environments Australasia Conference

The Association for Learning Environments is a worldwide organisation sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices in planning, designing and building great learning environments. 

The theme for this year’s conference was Exchange, and was set up as a marketplace for ideas exchange, asking:

  • What do educators have to exchange with designers?
  • What do designers have to exchange with educators?
  • What do students have to exchange with us all?
  • How should we be allocating our resources to support learning in a contemporary world?
  • Who leads exchange?
  • Why exchange?

PTID’s innovative education space studioFive was a destination on the first tour of the conference which was themed:  Then & Now. Evolving Pedagogy and Space.

Learning Environments Australasia said of studioFive “While 'creative precincts' are not uncommon, studioFive has been collaboratively designed with the intention of facilitating improved pedagogic practices in a tertiary arts precinct.

The design, as it has evolved, is an innovative response to how the arts can and should be taught. It is also a reflection of the complexities of working closely with educators with quite mixed concepts of the learning environment.”

Jade Nettleton