studioFive: multi award winner

2017 has been a big year for PTID with our studioFive project being recognised both nationally and internationally for excellence in pedagogical design. 

Winner of the Australian Interior Design Award for Public Design 2017 and the Renovation / Modernisation Over $2m at the Learning Environments Australasia (LEA) Annual Excellence in Educational Facilities Awards 2017.

 AIDA Jury Citation

This teaching, research and engagement centre based in the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Graduate School of Education, has an overtly exaggerated response to the brief. It’s a mix of different spaces that are flexible not unlike a Transformer. Through progressive innovation, studioFive breaks new ground in pedagogical environments by pushing the capabilities of each zone with more daring than is expected. The interior’s robustness feels brave and confident and this lends the project longevity. Breakout areas add a domestic scale to the overall scheme and create plenty of room to either retreat quietly by oneself or collaborate in a group. While each highly functional space is distinct, the intricacy of the ceiling – in its many theatrical variations – is the unifying factor visually drawing everything together. The level of detailing and finish may be excellent, but the architects’ have thoughtfully made sure it never overshadows the programmatic requirements. They’ve been able to look beyond mere embellishment to realize a heightened environment conducive to achieving the best pedagogical outcomes possible.

AIDA 2017

LEA Singapore 2017

Jade Nettleton