Workplace Transformation: ARRB

The Australian Road Research Board’s (ARRB) new Port Melbourne office is a showcase of how smart design can create synergy in the workplace. Well considered architectural forms, movement and environmental graphics are carefully integrated and create a unified agile working environment.

ARRB’s future workplace;

The new workplace was imagined as a new way of working, not just a new address. ARRB wished to promote collaborative work style between laboratory technicians, road materials specialist and academics. At the core of every design decision was the need to ensure that this significant culture shift not only in location but also in working methodologies was balanced with a supportive and contemporary workplace setting.

The ARRB fit-out saw the transformation of a Port Melbourne Warehouse. The aim was to blend these significantly different work zones in the form of a large scale sweeping design gesture, whilst supporting a controlled laboratory environment.

The design is a celebration of the relationship between scale, movement, technology and people.

Hear Chief Executive Officer, Michael Caltabiano has to say about ARRB workplace Transformation:

Jade Nettleton