The Abstract

Another proud achievement by a member of the PTID family – Emma Sow Jan Loo, after graduating with top honours from Monash last year has joined PTID as a full time designer. Emma won the Sir John Monash Medal: MADA Faculty, which is awarded annually to recognise extraordinary academic achievement to a final year undergraduate degree student for: an outstanding academic record, and demonstrating a significant commitment, while at Monash University, to advancing the University's goals of social justice, human rights and a sustainable environment.

Emma was also an integral member of the design team that produced THE ABSTRACT, an ambitious interior architecture exhibition project exploring unorthodox spatial realms of reading rooms. Designed by Monash University Interior graduates in collaboration with Matthew Bird of Studiobird, the exhibition reinvents the tradition of a reading room environment within a gallery context to promote prestigious academic journals with the aim to engage early career academics to the realties and benefits of publishing.

The Abstract was designed by Emma Loo, Jasmine Rachim, Eliza Monti, Ellen Hodson, Amanda Blazey, in collaboration with Sabio Evans (Costumes), Deanne Butterworth (Choreography), Gene Bawden (Typography), Matthew Bird (Studiobird).

Jade Nettleton
The Neon Boneyard

Las Vegas, a town wrapped up in so much Hollywood myth that it can overshadow the real place. On our cinema screens it has been presented to us as ostentatious, splendiferous, and cartoon-like with its bright neon lights and histrionics. And with all things bright and shiny, whether real or cinematic, comes the inevitable fading and burning out. The Neon Museum is the desert mausoleum for the iconic art form of the neon sign that is so synonymous with Las Vegas. When a sign is no longer fit for The Strip it can be gifted or loaned to the museum where it can live out its days in dignity, and age gracefully. The Boneyard is home to some of the most treasured and world-famous signs of Las Vegas – Caesars Palace, Binion's Horseshoe, the Golden Nugget  and the Stardust. These photographs were taken by our graphic designer Carl Martin, during his recent visit to the US.

Information on the Neon Museum and its The Boneyard can be found here:

Jade Nettleton
Benesse House Museum

Benesse House Museum and Arts Precinct is located on the island of Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. This unique facility combines the functions of both museum and hotel and there are few places in the world where one may experience this combination of art and architecture in such a sublime coastal location.

Naoshima lies some 13 kilometres north of Takamatsu, this island and many small, surrounding islands are known collectively as Naoshima. A hilly island covered in granite and weathered soil, Naoshima has few level areas, but the winding coastline reveals the natural beauty that islands of the Inland Sea are known for, with stretches of white, sandy beach accented by green pine trees.

Designed by Tadao Ando.

Photographs by Carl Martin.

Jade Nettleton
Chihuly in the Garden

Set amongst the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona, this installation by glass artist Dale Chihuly is truly stunning. Photographed by our own Carl Martin whilst visiting Arizona this January, these botanical yet alien-like glass sculptures transform the garden space creating a magical science fiction environment. Even more out of this world at night. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling down the east coast of the US this summer, check it out.

Jade Nettleton
Australian Interior Design Awards 2017

Once again PTID have received peer recognition with two nominations for the Australian Interior Design Awards for 2017. Both in the Public Design category, our two innovative education projects for studioFive at The University of Melbourne, and The Ark for UTS have been acknowledged.  Congratulations to the design team for both projects, we are very proud of you.

Click here to see studioFive

Click here to see The Ark

Click here to see the AIDA



Jade Nettleton